Arizer Solo Vaporizer

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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • All Glass Mouthpiece
  • Passthrough Charging - Charge & Use
  • 7 Optimized Temperature Presets
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

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Arizer Solo

The Solo, by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, is a powerful and exceptionally efficient portable vaporizer. Producing superior vapor quality compared to its competitors, the Solo is a top-choice for on-the-go vaporization.

New Passthrough Charging

VapeWorld carries the newest version of the Arizer Solo with passthrough charging functionality. You can now charge and use your Solo simultaneously!

Clean Vapor

The Solo offers a powerful and energy efficient ceramic heating element with stainless steel cover and glass mouthpieces clean vapor.


The Solo is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to two hours of continuous use. Utilizing a sleek and compact design, the Solo measures 4.5“ in height and 1.75”, making it the perfect for powerful vapor production at home and on-the-go.

Preset Temperatures

The Solo heats up in under 2 1/2 minutes and utilizes 5 different levels of preset temperatures.

Temperature Presets & Average Warm-Up Times:
  • Level 1-50°C / 122°F (15 sec)
  • Level 2-185°C / 365°F (1 min)
  • Level 3-190°C / 374°F (1 min 10)
  • Level 4-195°C / 383°F (1 min 30 sec)
  • Level 5-200°C / 393°F (1 min 50 sec)
  • Level 6-205°C / 401°F (2 min 10 sec)
  • Level 7-210°C / 410°F (2 min 30 sec)

Automatic Shutoff

After 12 minutes of being powered on, the Solo will automatically shut off. Simply power on your Solo again for continuous use, and hold the "down arrow" button to return to your previously selected temperature.

What's in the Box

  • Arizer Solo
  • 2x Glass Mouthpieces
    - Bent
    - Straight
  • Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual
For more information on the Arizer Solo, visit our Knowledge Base.
Q & A
question(s) from the community
Date: 7/23/2015
hello...could i know if you ship this product to sri lanka?thanks

Yes, we are able to ship this product to Sri Lanka!

Date: 7/5/2015
Are there any plastic parts?

Nope, no plastic here!


Arizer Solo Vaporizer Reviews

69 Reviews

Date: 4/24/2015
easy quick and rich [aroma] delivered

solid, simple, easy to use and delivers great vapor

Reviewed by dns
I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!
Date: 3/24/2015
Best Vape Bar None

I have used quite a few vapes and I have to say the Arizer Solo is the best. The first thing I'd like to say is "NO SCREEN NECESSARY!!!. I made my pieces small the first time and it really isn't necessary. I didn't get anything in my mouth, at all. With this Arizer Solo there is NO NEED to grind your material. I simply take a small chunk or chunks (as long as some air can get around your material) and put it in the tube. I have never had any material fall out or end up in my mouth. I guess it's a personal choice to grind or not to grind. I wouldn't. I've never had to. I use the grinder that came with it as a stash container to hold my chunks for the day. It works perfect for that. Back to the review, I'd say this little portable dynamo the Arizer Solo is the absolute best vaping tool that I have EVER used. It's not heavy, very portable, will fit in a jacket pocket or for us "girls" will fit in a purse nicely! One thing I'd like to comment on is the traditional methods. I used to go through material quite a bit. A lot of it just went up in the air and not where it was supposed to go. When I started vaping, I noticed that is wasn't being used up as fast. It was going where it was supposed to go and doing the most good. Anyway, I'd also like to say that after having this unit for almost 4 months now, I have not had a problem with the Arizer Solo at all. I make sure and keep it clean. It is a well built, quality product, easy to carry, operate and maintain. Also, before I forget. Do as the instructions say and heat it up once without inserting the draw tube(s). If you don't there is a huge likelihood of breakage. You wouldn't want to do that right out of the box. And if I was asked if I would recommend this unit to anyone, the answer would be a resounding YES!!! Buy this vaporizer. You won't be disappointed...

Reviewed by Miss Chamilia
I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!

69 Reviews


Warranty Contact

  • VapeWorld
  • 1 (877) 865-2260

Limited 2-Year Warranty

The Solo has a limited 2-year warranty covering parts and labour costs against defects in materials and workmanship. The Solo battery is covered under a limited 1-year warranty, and there is a lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating element. Shipping costs and glass parts are not covered under warranty.

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