AEROSPACED 5 Piece Grinders / Sifters (Double Screen)

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  • 2" 5 Piece Grinder / Sifter
  • Razor Sharp Teeth
  • Magnetic Lid
  • 2 Screens
  • Includes Pouch & Scraper

AEROSPACED 5 Piece Grinders / Sifters (Double Screen)

You won’t find a higher quality grinder anywhere in this price range. We custom engineered this Anodized Aerospaced Grinder to the highest standards. The diameter of the holes are also larger than average to help prevent clogging. Smooth operation and incredibly strong double magnets create a virtually air tight seal.

Q & A
question(s) from the community
Date: 7/29/2015
I want a blue grinder but it will only allow me to choose black. Why is that?

So sorry Joyce, that means that we are out of stock of that particular color! We will be restocking soon so keep an eye out!

Date: 4/27/2015
What's diameter of this grinder. I noticed some grinders give you an option of the size you want and this grinder did not have that option.Thanks

These grinders are 2"


AEROSPACED 5 Piece Grinders / Sifters (Double Screen) Reviews

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